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Jesus In A Bad Mood

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Sep 13, 2020

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I’m not proud of my behaviour when I’m upset. 

Mark 14:43-52

Reference: “Am I leading a rebellion,” said Jesus, “that you have come out with swords and clubs to capture me? (Mark 14:48 NIV)

Explore: It is very clear to see when I am upset. I don’t cry, I don’t vocalise my pain, I don’t even proclaim it on my Facebook status.

When I am upset I tend to internalise my pain and become surly. While I am usually vivacious and engaged with my social setting, when I am emotional, I will get very quiet and just focus on the tasks I have to complete.

I’m not proud of my behaviour when I’m upset. While I think it’s ok to have different emotions I am still working on expressing my feelings in the best way.

Application: When it comes to reactions I think the best person to look to is Jesus. He had integrity in all that He did.

When reading the passage about Jesus being arrested, I was amazed that He never changed His character or purpose. He had always been a man of peace, standing up for what He believed in.

Even a crowd of armed men did not change Jesus’ purpose to live for God.

So whenever I get in a bad mood, because things have not gone my way, I need to remember to be more like Christ. To be consistent in my integrity and stay true to the Godly character that I aspire to uphold.

Prayer: Jesus Christ, even when You were confronted with a crowd of enemies You stayed true to your Godly character. May I strive to be more like You, even when I’m not in the best of moods. Amen.

How do you act when you’re in a bad mood?