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Community Radio Campaign!

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Feb 20, 2013

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LightDigital has been on the air for over 12 months now (yay!) and has over 158,000 monthly listeners. It’s thanks to the Federal Government, LightDigital has transmission, thanks to you, LightDigital has content and together, we have one incredible station!

Whilst PositiveMedia appreciates the Federal Governments aid with LightDigital in the previous year, after June 30th 2013 community radio stations like LightDigital will be underfunded and not all transmission costs will be covered.

What does this mean?

Community radio stations, like LightDigital need your help!

How can you help? 

Through the Commit to Community Radio campaign! Community radio stations and listeners (just like you) are coming together to call on the Federal Government to secure a digital radio future for community broadcasters, like LightDigital, by allocating the necessary funding in the upcoming federal budget. 

Want to sign up?

It’s simple – click the button below. You can also read up on how the national day of action Wed 13th March, went by clicking here. 


You can also support this cause by ‘LIKING’ the Commit to Community Radio Facebook page. Your participation will make a difference!

Oh just one more super important thing to remember…

TheLight is not affected by this! We are just calling all our amazing listeners to encourage the Federal Government to remember community digital radio in their budget, through the Commit to Community Radio campaign. If anyone knows how to show an abundance of support for good causes, it’s YOU, our listeners!

Let’s make sure we can still create faith and share hope together on LightDigital for many decades to come! 

Got questions?

Click here for some FAQ’s that might just help.